Flexible Server Options

Options, options, options...

No two organizations have the same requirements. Some are small businesses with only a handful of mobile workers, while others are Fortune 100 companies with thousands of users. MobileFrame was designed to accommodate any size organization in the most cost-effective manner.

The entire MobileFrame system can run on a single server-class machine (or virtual machine), or it can be scaled out to include server components distributed across any number of machines to gain virtually limitless scalability. While you may start with only a single machine at first, it's nice to know you can expand the system to accommodate your growing user base.

When you do expand into a multi-server environment, MobileFrame provides support for load balancing and sharing the processing responsibilities across multiple machines. In addition, the server has tuning options that allow you to obtain your desired performance.

MobileFrame offers several product tiers to suit a wide-range of needs. One of our consultants will work with you to learn your requirements and advise on the best product offering for your budget.