Device Management & Monitoring

In addition to robust data management functionalities, MobileFrame also provides robust tools for managing your devices. Usually you'd need a separate product to gain these types of features, but with MobileFrame they're already part of the system.

    Mobile Device Management & Monitoring

    Some of our device management features include:

  •  Review and report on devices and their state in real-time via our unique heads-up display
  •  Sarbanes-Oxley compliant secure messaging between your users
  •  Asset management features to log and report on your devices
  •  Administrative abilities to assist, limit, or lock users out of your MobileFrame system
  •  Interrogate devices to get full state information (error logs, operating system information, app information, GPS location, battery life, etc.)*
    * User consent required
  •  Run database queries remotely against a device's local MobileFrame database
  •  Remote control of MobileFrame solution on the devices**
    ** User consent required
  •  View the location of GPS-enabled devices in real time on our interactive map