Security from End-to-End

Security is critical for enterprises. Protecting your data is even more important when devices are used outside of the organization's network or when users are using their personal devices. MobileFrame not only provides world-class security, we make it simple to employ.

    Military-grade Security

    Here are some of the security measures built-in to the MobileFrame platform:

  •  Full FIPS (140-2 or better) compliant encryption
  •  All client files on the device, including the disconnected database, are encrypted
  •  All communication between the MobileFrame clients and server(s) is automatically encrypted and also utilizes our invisible two-factor authentication (patent pending)
  •  SSL may be optionally added to double-encrypt communications between the MobileFrame clients and servers
  •  User authentication via encrypted password or via Active Directory/LDAP
  •  Automatically logoff inactive users
  •  Remotely wipe a user's MobileFrame database and lock them out if the device is lost or stolen
  •  Optional secondary authorization for registration to your server(s)
  •  and much more...