Enterprise-class Data

MobileFrame supports anything from simple systems with minimal data to sophisticated systems with potentially millions of records on each device. Best of all, you don't have to do anything special since enterprise-class data management is built directly into the MobileFrame solution.

    Enterprise Data Features

    Some of our enterprise data features include:

  •  A truly native disconnected client database (based on SQLite) so users can work even without network connectivity
  •  Point & click tools for authoring and interacting with the database
  •  Robust database options, including support for rich data types, indexes, automatic keys, SQL queries, etc.
  •  Sophisticated data management & distribution features so you can create and deploy datasets to your users in any way you need
  •  Automatic schema mirroring between the server and client databases
  •  Continuous delta synchronization of dataset changes to clients
  •  Automatic synchronization features for hands-free use
  •  Synchronization occurs in the background so users aren't interrupted
  •  Client databases are fully encrypted & secure