Integration to Existing Systems

The MobileFrame environment was designed to be a self-contained enterprise mobility solution that introduces minimal stress to your existing systems. We know that many companies use custom-built systems, older legacy products, or have unique requirements, so we designed MobileFrame to be able to accommodate any scenario.

    Integration Features

    Some of our integration features include:

  •  Point & click Integration Wizard for using/deploying data from other data sources in your organization
  •  Staging server architecture so the heavy network bandwidth and processing typically associated with mobilization doesn't overwhelm your existing systems
  •  Built-in support for communicating and integrating to any ODBC or OLEDB data source, website, or external file(s)
  •  Extensible workflow model that, if necessary, can be used to easily add support for any integration requirement not already built-in to the MobileFrame platform (like a custom API)
  •  Powerful options for moving data between MobileFrame and your other systems (including real-time, batch, hybrid, or custom methodologies)